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NOTICE.......Welcome to the MOORISH-AMERICAN OWNED BUSINESS & ORGANIZATION NETWORK. We are a Moorish-American Owned Entity specializing in Advertising, Marketing, Web Development, Logo Design, Graphic Design, SEO/SEM Campaigns, & GEO Targeted Network Advertising. We periodically use the terms "BLACK" & "AFRICAN AMERICAN" strictly for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We know that there is no such thing as Black, Colored, Negro, or African American people. We are what our forefathers and foremothers were without doubt or contradiction. We, Moorish-American Owned, like to use the term "Black" in reference to Accounting Law where "Black" means "Profitable" ie., "in the black". You are here because you were searching for "Moorish-American Owned", "Moorish Owned", "Black Owned" or "African American Owned" Businesses & Organizations or you have clicked on a link posted online. Thank you for taking the first steps. If you are a Business Owner or Organization Leader, and you wish to Advertise on our site(s), simply click on the ADVERTISE WITH US link in the menu. Thank you for taking a stand against the Tyrannical Oppression of Major Corporatocracy. Support Local Businesses and Organizations owned by your own people! Cooperative Economics is the answer to the Socioeconomic Plagues that aflict our communities everywhere!
Moorish or 'So-Called' Black/African American Owned Businesses & OrganizationsMoorish-American or So-Called Black Owned & African Owned Businesses & Organizations

FBA Member Rewards Program


Thank you for your interest in our Member Rewards Program for First Black America members. This program is designed to help you Save Money while Supporting the Moorish or (So-Called) Black/African American Business Community at the same time! The FBA Member Rewards Program will drive people to support Organizations that are giving back to our community. We are affiliating ourselves with hundreds of thousands of networks full of Moorish or (so-called) Black, African, African American Professionals, Organizations, and Businesses in effort to funnel revenue (CASH) directly into the so-called Black Community to build a Stronger, Unified, & a Moor Economically Sound community globally! Contact Us to find out how you can start a FBA Satellite District to funnel revenues into your community!

Member Rewards Benefits

What Do I Get Out Of Being A Participating or Supporting Member Of FBA?

Business & Organization Owners

1. Save Money Shopping with other Business & Organization Members in First Black America! Discounts vary and you must present Proof of Active Membership.
2. Save Money on your Monthly or Annual Membership Fees by Participating in our Member Rewards Program! As a Participant you will offer Discounts to our Active Members.
3. You will receive more Visitors, Walk-Ins, E-Mails, and Phone Calls as a direct result of members wanting to save money! Everyone love savings!
4. Featured in our Articles and Publications as Participants in our Member Rewards Program!
5. You will be able to Register for our Youth Tutoring Programs where you can create an Account for your children K-12 to use for School Subjects, Sports & Athletics related issues, Music and more!
6. You will have FREE or Discounted Admissions to any FBA Sponsored Community Functions Across America. Ranging from Concerts, Community Showcases, to Public Speaking Events and more!
7. You will be Eligible for Discounted Enrollment into our IBO Affiliate Marketing Program after registration.

Non-Business & Organization Owners - Supporting Members

1. Save Money Shopping with the Participating Businesses and Organizations of our Member Rewards Program. When you shop with them, Identify yourself as a Member of First Black America and present Proof of Membership. You will be required to provide proof of active membership via your FBA Membership Rewards Card.
2. Network and Socialize with other Supporting Members of First Black America.


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