About Us
FBA ~ An Advertising & Marketing Company Let us take a second to address the terms Black, Negro, Colored, and African American. There are many of us Moors that do not know we are Moors. Most of us have been raised thinking we were Black or African American. Well there is no such thing as a Black, Negro, Colored, or African American Person. Nationality is the Order of the Day! If you do not proclaim your Nationality then corporations (including tribunals or so called courts) can claim salvage over your vessel. Being Black, White, African American, Negro, Colored is not Nationality. We are Moors! Whether we want to be or not. We are the direct descendants of the Ancient Moabites, who are the True and Aboriginal Inhabitants of Northwest, Central and Southwest Amexem / Africa / America. Moors are Aboriginal and Indigenous to these lands and are the first to Navigate the planet. We are the Mothers and Fathers of Civilization for all peoples all over the planet. The political jurisdiction of Moors in North America is "Moorish American" or "Moor American". [Click Here To View The CDC Race Code List] The Hierarchy of Man is that GOD Created Man and Man Created Government! The purpose for ANY and ALL government(s) is to protect and preserve the Rights of the natural people. Natural People have the Right To Travel (not drive, as drive is ABSOLUTELY a commercial act - What Is A Driver?). First Black America or FBA as we are commonly called, is an Advertising and Marketing Company based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. We opened our doors in Feb 2012 and quickly became one of the worlds most trusted and reliable Online Directories for Moorish Owned Businesses & Organizations. FBA serves the entire world! We provide advertising & marketing services such as Television and Radio Commercial Development, Website & Social Media Development, SEO, Graphic Design, Online Marketing, and GEO Targeted Advertising across multiple online Affiliate Networks. FBA is a growing entity and we have gone through several changes in our website design. We had to accommodate the demand from the community to integrate data from several other networks with the goal of creating the worlds first completely networked Directory of "so-called" Black & African Owned businesses and organizations across the planet. While we primarily focus on the needs of the Moorish communities, we do offer our Advertising & Marketing Expertise to all the peoples of the earth.