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Welcome to First Black America. Our vision is to become the World's Largest, Most Trusted & Reliable Top Ranked Online Resource Central Hub for Black, African, African American, Moorish, Indigenous National Owned Businesses and Organizations throughout the world! Currently we have over 20 Thousand Verified Entities that we are working diligently to upload into the Database.

We are a Moorish Indigenous Operation and Grass Roots Entity. Though we know we are not "Black" "African" "African American" "Negro" "Colored" or any other name given to us by Europeans during their Colonization of the world, we chose the name to let "Our" people know we are for us and by us. We are certainly not telling you to Buy Black Only. We are simply encouraging our people across the planet to Buy Black More! More importantly we are telling our Business Minded Individuals to get into Manufacturing! What good is it to be in Business for yourself and for your community if you are selling the Europeans Products? Sell All Different types of products!

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